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This month's message: 


Read: 1 Samuel chapter 1

We all enjoy receiving gifts (well, I do anyway). But there is something more special when we are able to enjoy giving gifts to others. We spend time thinking about that person – their likes, dislikes and probable needs before we obtain a gift for them that we know they will enjoy. If you had to choose a gift for God, what would it be?

In Samuel chapter one we read that Hannah wanted something so badly that she made a public exhibition of herself in the temple (v.13). she made a promise to God that if he would answer her prayer, she would give the baby back into his service (v.11).

So often we cry out to God for something that is important to us, a baby, a husband or wife, a cure from a terminal illness. Often our deepest desires are rivals with God for our attention, we become self-focused about what we perceive as our needs. I believe in a God who does grant us our heart’s desire; when that desire is in line with his best for our lives.

If God were to ask you to make a sacrifice as massive as the sacrifice Hannah was to make in giving up Samuel (v.28), do you think you could do it? Interestingly, we don’t read anywhere that God asked Hannah to make this sacrifice. I suspect that had God asked her, she would have said no, During the childless years, Hannah prayed much. Her time with God was moulding her into the person he wanted her to be: the mother of a prophet (v.11).

Samuel was probably about three years old when Hannah had weaned him (v.22) – ample time for her to grow very attached to him. I can’t even begin to imagine the magnitude of the sacrifice as she gave her only Son back to God. Are there longings (desires) in your heart that you are willing to sacrifice to God? 

There are a thousand ways of pleasing God, but not one without faith.